Virtual Gliding Game – Massive terrain support

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Terrain Demo screen capture

The virtual gliding game in development by Bl4cksun now supports massive terrains with multiplayer games. Any gliding game has to include this size of map, especially considering one of the top milestones every real life pilot aspires to is to complete a 1000km flight.

After much work, the gliding game will now support these massive terrains. What is more the code also supports multiplayer access to the map. This is achieved through paging parts of the scenery in and out of memory as they become visible.

The screen shot is taken from a web based demo which has a terrain over 300km x 300km. This uses the Unity 3d plugin so there is some slow down as additional terrains are paged in, this is due to the single threaded limitation of the plugin. No noticeable slow downs or fps drop is noticed in the full game.
Demo available but requires Unity3d plugin, so will not work with Microsoft Edge and some other browsers (IE and Firefox are known to work).

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