Sleep Perchance To Dream released

Sleep Perchance to Dream released on Apple’s Store. Relax, unwind and sleep with the aid of soundscapes enhanced with binaural beat technology. Available in free and pro versions, this is for anyone struggling to sleep or suffering from insomnia.
App Released

This app is for anyone suffering from insomnia or just can’t sleep. It has options for short power naps lasting up to an hour, an option that lasts up to 24 hours or it can operate as an alarm clock and wake you at a programmed time.

The app will play soundscapes that have been carefully enhanced with binaural beat technology to cause a brainwave entrainment effect. This allows the app to control your brain wave activity by altering the beat frequency. Different wave patterns are introduced including delta, beta and theta waves which induce the different types of sleep normally experienced during a night. These are looped to replicate a good nights rest before gradually returning the brain patterns to normal. The different wave patterns can be turned off or disabled all together so that, leaving just the ‘goto sleep’ and ‘wake up’ states, with silence in between.

Headphones must be used to achieve the desired effect,

The free version will show an advert just before it starts to work its magic and some of the options have to be unlocked. They can be unlocked for free with tokens earned by completing cycles or through a small payment.

The pro version has the same options as the free, but carries no advertisements and all options are unlocked.

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