17th August 2019

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Games in progress

Our main games currently in development (game names are internal and may change by release)

Virtual Gliding

Sailplanes are highly engineered aircraft with the ability to travel vast distances at speeds in excess of 150mph using nothing but the natural energy occurring from the sun’s heat and air movement. Pilots race around a large course aiming to seek out areas where the air is moving upwards, enabling them to gain height which can be converted into distance along the ground.

Extreme Airsports

Ever fancied Parachuting, Skydiving, Basejumping, Wingsuit flying? Now you can experience the thrill of these extreme sports from the comfort of your home. Compete against yourself or online against friends.

Toy Army Wars

A multiplayer strategy war game where plastic toy soldiers come to life and fight to follow your orders.


Yahtzee meets Candy Crush. A mobile and Facebook dice game combining the skill of Yahtzee and the fun of Candy Crush.

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About us

A startup game development company with over 40 years experience

Games for consoles, PC and mobile
Although a relatively new startup company, its staff have over 40 years of experience in game and software development working for other companies.

Our target platforms are the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, with smaller projects targeted at the mobile platform. Development uses the Unity 3d engine on the PC and Mac platforms

The main focus is on a virtual gliding game; a simulation of the world of competitive sailplane flying, racing online across massive terrains, with ridge, thermal and wave lift to complete 1000km flights

Extreme Airsports is our other big project which uses the new physics being developed for the gliding game. This includes parachuting, skydiving, base jumping and wing suit racing. Some of these sports will be available as separate games as part of our mobile game range.


Virtual Gliding

Extreme AirSports

Army Toy Wars

Some of our partners

Some of the products and partners involved in our product development

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